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I'm a woman, 29 years old looking for a man in area. My body type is Slim, hair color is Brunette and my ethnicity is Caucasian.

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i'M 29, 5'4, 122 lbs, slim, sexy, hot, above average looking, super horny and super looking for some hot sex right now! Looking for a much older man (40+) who is looking for some exciting times. Someone who is financially capable to pamper me, in exchange for a hot young pussy such as mine! I am not a prostitute or escort or anything! If you want to call me anything than call me a gold digger 😉 I don't care what you think! I want to be taken care off and would love a problem free life. In exchange you will have the sexiest girlfriend alive and sex as much as you can handle! I don't use condoms btw 😉 I am not high maintenance but i do love attention! Contact me :*

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